projects (excerpt)

  winter 2007

Lola, Moscow

A trip to Moscow again. Mixing 3 radio singles for Lola and starting a new album production as creative producer with russian rock band Manchester.

"Celebrating Jobim" in the studio and live with the WDR Big Band and brasilian singer Jocye. Accompanied by wonderful guest musicians also from Brasil such as Jacques Morelenbaum (cello), Nylor Provetta (clarinette, sax), and big band leader Gilson Peranzetta (accordion) we were recording Jobim songs only arranged by Gilson Peranzetta and Jacques Morelenbaum.

Recording Verdi´s Requiem at the philharmonic hall, Cologne, with the WSO symphony orchestra, for SACD in 5.1 discrete technology.

  november 2007

Singer songwriter and accordionist Lydie Auvray celebrated her 35 years live on stage!! with her band The Auvrettes.
We celebrated with her recording DLF a wonderful evening at the Kulturkirche, Cologne. Special guests Hannes Wader, Elke Heidenreich, Stefan Stoppok, and String Quartett "Indigo" made this an unforgettable evening. The DVD will be released im March 2008 by Westpark Music. DLF Broadcast March 28th, 21:05.

  september/october 2007

K. Drexler/B. Angerhausen

Lena Hase celebrated her debut at Lapdilu, a pleasant restaurant lounge in south part of Cologne reviewing her colourful love life. On vocals Katrin Drexler, Brigitte Angerhausen (piano).

The Triumvirat conjures, a live radioplay being performed by Gert Hauke, Peter Fricke and Dietmar Mues. Music by the Twintett.

Recording Verdi´s opera "Othello" at the philharmonic hall, Cologne, with the WSO symphony orchestra, for DVD and SACD in 5.1 discrete technology.

  summer 2007

Hans Kremer

5.1 radio play production "Beekeeper" a drama written by author Lars Gustaffsson. Director Claudia Johanna Leist decided to record alomst all scenes on location in 5.1. technology in the countryside. Actors Hans Kremer, Effi Rabsilber and Susanne Barth. Radioplay of the month!!

Radio play production "Godess of the moon " a drama written by chinese author Bi Feiyu. A drama located within the chinese opera theatre. Director Beate Andres, all music was recorded in sync with the scene recordings to provide maximum atmospheric flow. Percussionist Adam Weinsberg provided many different perussion sounds putting us into the chinese setting.

  june 2007

At Cloudshill Recording

Recording drums for Pablo Paredes´ current album with unbeatable drummer Dany Gottlieb at, Hamburg. What a pleasure!
Mixing session took place in october.
To be released soon!

may 2007

Puente in Daun

acoustic trio with Anne Kaftan (Sopransaxophon/Bassklarinette), Ulrike Zavelberg (Cello) and Brigitte Angerhausen (piano), played their programm "Im Fluss der Zeit" at Forum Daun and at the Residenz Würzburg.
  spring 2007

Recording with Marlene Streeruwitz

"Lena, the new way to live your life". Computer implant Lena tells our hero what to do in whatever life situation he might find himself. Spontaneous improvised sceneplay by author Till Mueller-Klug. Director Thomas Wolfertz decided to record alomst all scenes with an earphone-"implant" for actor Jens Muenchow. Spooky experience not only for Jens Münchow...
Sound Design and music by Brigitte Angerhausen.

"In search of the lost night"
a radio play by director and author Marlene Streeruwitz. We recorded all scenes life in downtown Cologne in 5.1 technology.